About Us


Backer Grand Heater Company Ltd. was founded in May 1990 at Rama II Road in Bangkok during the time Thai economics is expanding. The first product was the heating element for electrical appliance , rice cooker , iron and fry pan. From there , the company business has been grown up for over 24 years with expanding to new factory to Samutsakorn Province in 2007.

Now Backer Grand Heater (BGH) has current production for Sheathed heating elements & Microwave Diecasting Heating Plate and start exporting its products to Japan market. Now the export ratio is around 40% of the total production line.

fWith Global development of the environmental conservation in manufacturing process . BGH has adopted the support of RoHS Policy & Standard to its Production line. This is to ensure its compliance to the RoHS Policy & Standard.

In 2017, BGH has been certified for ISO 9001-2015 Standard by the ISO International Certified Body. This has proved that our heating element product has passed the high quality standard process required by ISO.

BGH has a record of accomplishment of over 24 years in the manufacture of sheath heaters, and through these years, the company has always enjoyed a favorable reputation.

Based on our long-accumulated record and expertise, we continue our efforts to remain a reliable manufacturer who produces safe products while making inroads into diverse fields.

Approach to quality

Our goal is the continuous manufacture of superior products reflecting a fine, consistent quality to satisfy customers and thereby remain a company trusted by society. Technical services If you are looking for ways to improve your productivity, optimize the quality of your end-product or design an entirely new heating solution, we can help you.Below you can find examples of what we can assist you with and how some of our customers have benefitted from working together with us.

Product and material advice

Based on decades of application know-how we can advise on the best product to meet your requirements.
Our industry-leading expertise in heating and materials, coupled with a broad range of products that meet the highest quality control standards, ensure you receive the most cost-effective product recommendation that delivers long-term, trouble-free performance or an improved end-product.

New product development

From idea generation and product design to detailed engineering, we have a well-established track record of bringing new products and heating solutions to market.
Working closely with you, our engineers, backed up by one of the industry's leading R&D departments, will help you identify your needs and create products that optimize your process or end product.
Each new product concept is rigorously tested on a one-to-one test scale. Many of our new products, today industry standards, are the result of a close collaboration between our customers and our R&D department.

Approach to ecology

BGH has been certified for ISO 9001-2015 Standard by the ISO International Certified Body and also BGH has adopted the support of RoHS Policy & Standard to its Production line.
BGH fulfill and also try to exceed existing environment requirements, and always strive to fully address any concerns regarding the impact of our activities. At the same time as we pursue a long-term strategy for profitable growth, we are also committed to conducting business in an ethical way.
The economic, environmental and social responsibilities are integral parts of our business plans and decision-making processes. BGH's sustainable development is driven by a commitment to keeping these considerations in balance.

Economic responsibility

BGH will contribute to sustainable economic development by maintaining long-term customer value, profitability and shareholder return while practicing good business ethics.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental considerations are a key element in all our operations. We always strive to prevent or minimize the harmful effects of our operations on the environment.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is of special importance to us. For BGH, the most important aspect in this regard is to take responsibility for our employees and their work environment.