Copper is widely used for heating in water.
It may be surface-plated (with nickel).


Available diameter

Details of contents

Proper environment

Limit service temperature


Cu 99.90Min
P 0.015~0.040

Heating in water

177°C or less

  • Most suitable heaters for in-water heating.
  • Flange-coupled for reasons of installation and accordingly nickel-plated after brazing in many cases.
  • Can be bent easily and require careful handling, since these heaters are made of soft pipes and prone to deformation after forming.

Application examples
Calorifiers, electric kettles, and toilets with warm water bidets

  • These heaters are prone to deformation and require careful handling, since the pipes are soft.
  • They are not suitable to in-air heating.
    Remember that they are used in water.